balloons make everyday better!


Balloons for all!

Balloons are my bread and butter, my PB and J. What I am known for most and what I am best at. From the classic balloon dog or flower, to creating full sized people. Give me enough time, and I can make you the world.


Award Winning

In 2018 I competed in the world clown association balloon competition in Minneapolis. Building four different creations, in four categories, all in an hour or less. I placed first and won gold! 

Then in 2019 I won gold again in Albuquerque.  


What can I make for you?

What I am trying to say is I love balloons, and so does pretty much everyone I meet. Whether you are booking a birthday, festival, surprise party or anything, balloons add colour and whimsy. Nothing brings joy to everyone's face like a beautiful balloon creation. 

  "Sleepy the clown is the perfect addition for all of your event needs! He is funny, engaging, and extremely talented! I couldn't believe how elaborate his balloon creations are! Truly amazing!"
  Nicole Carnegie - Marketing and Event Manager South Winnipeg Community Centre